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, go to knowhow2go.org. ♪ >> welcome to hamilton recreation and aquatics center. it is the only facility that has an integrated swimming pool and recreation center combined. we have to pools, the city's water slide, for little kids and those of you that are more daring and want to try the rockslide, we have a drop slide. >> exercises for everybody. it is nice, they are sweet. >> in the aquatics center, they are very committed to combining for people in san francisco. and also ensuring that they have public safety. >> there are a lot of different personalities that come through here and it makes it very exciting all the time. they, their family or teach their kids have a swim. >> of the gem is fantastic, there is an incredible program going on there, both of my girls have learned to swim there. it is a fantastic place, check it out. it is an incredible indication of what bonn dollars can do with our hearts and facilities. it is as good as anything you will find out why mca. parents come from all over. >> there are not too many pools that are still around, and this is one-stop sho
water so that we have recreation and no bad impact on fish and aquatic life. solids is what's happening. . >> by sludge, what exactly do you mean? is that the actual technical term? . >> it's a technical term and it's used in a lot of different ways, but this is organic sewage sludge. basically what it is is, oh, maybe things that come out of your garbage disposal, things that are fecal in nature. it's sludge left in the water after the primary treatment, then we blend those two over and send them over to digestion. this building is built to replace tanks here that were so odoriferous they would curl your hair. we built this as an interim process. >> is there a coagulant introduced somewhere in the middle of this? . >> this coagulant brings solids together and lets the water run through. that gives us more time in the digestion process, more time to reduce the amount of solids. these are the biggest ones in the world, like we always like to do in san francisco. they are 4 meter, there's none like it in the world. >> really? wow. >> three meters, usually. we got the biggest, if not the b
child will love, including outdoor adventures, aquatics, and programs for children on the optimism -- autism >> roll call. >> commissioner bonita and lev are on their way. >> i will make an announcement for those in the audience that item 11, the outside music festival permit will not be on the agenda. we will put that off, make sure it is properly posted. with that let us proceed. >> just a reminder to everyone. if you can please turn off any electronic sounding devices. on public comment. general public is item number four. it is again item number 12. so general public comment. you can comment on any items on calendar, but if it is not on calendar we ask you comment under those items. each person will have three minutes under public comment. we ask in order to allow ample time for all there is not a conversation going back and forth. to have your public comment and the commission can ask to answer questions afterwards. with that we are on item 2, the president's report. >> thank you. there are a couple items i want to announce and go over. one, we have had a couple ground breakin
. [ applause ] >> we have also got on city staff our aquatic director greg scott. [ applause ] >> and let's see, who else did we get up here? huh? mindy. mindy is on my list. i am the last speaker. they are going to try to limit me to the public hearing three minutes and i'm going to try to stick to that, probably not. [ [ laughter ] after i'm finished we're going to turn some dirt. we have a food truck because we deposit want anybody hungry. you guys patronize them if you will. mel sharp and his band are going to be back playing after the speeches. so hang around and party down. i just have a few people that i need to thank. [ laughter ] i will do the short list. of course the mayor. mayor lee has had a lot of celebrating to do this week. we're really grateful here is here. our district 3 supervisor david chiu and his staff. they never pick up the phone or answer an email without saying, "what do you need and what can i do?" our head librarian, luis herrera. we were the first library on the list and we'll be the last one in the current branch library program to be completed. a lot of
department we offer good quality day care of your child will love, including outdoor adventures, aquatics, and programs for children on the optimism -- autism
-key for the year. seaworld plans to make a splash in the market. the aquatic theme park started the filing process this week to go public. seaworld expects to raise $100 million with the ipo. no word yet on an ipo date. the company plans to trade under the ticker symbol "seas." still to come, layoffs are making corporate america richer, but is it good for the company stock? our traders go ethical, later on in traders unplugged. but first, why more consumers are becoming comfortable with their credit cards. that's next, after this "in the know" message. jwwñ over the last few years, we've been using our credit cards less and less. however, this year, holiday shopping saw that reverse itself. with us to talk about that is gerri detweiler. she's director of consumer education at credit.com. gerri, welcome. > > thank you. > what happened? > > there is a lot of frugal fatigue out there. we have been so careful with our spending for the past few years i think some consumers said "i deserve to buy myself something, not just other people gifts this year." so what we are seeing is, before the holidays, fi
including outdoor adventures, aquatics, and programs for children on the optimism -- autism >> how are we all the win tonight? my name is chris. and welcome to the 32nd annual mfac awards. i know we are having a lot of fun in the back. if we could have everybody bring down the volume, we could get started and get back to the fun stuff. all right. hey, on behalf of spur and the folks on the mfac committee, i want to welcome everybody tonight. these events do not just happen. a lot of folks put a lot of work on from selecting the winners to sponsoring the event. if folks could just hold the volume in the back a little bit, we could get through this. i first want to thank our biggest sponsor, and dignity health and wade rose. [applause] i want to thank pg&e. i want to thank the academy of art university, the folks at aecom, comcast, kmd architects, recology. my favorite giver is anonymous. thank you, anonymous, whoever you are. now? if you have a cocktail in your hand, or you are about to find a couple, i want you to find david from the laborers. all the drinks tonight are being broug
did have titles along the way. she was an aquatic ideologist and she did do some scientific work for the agency, the most is in the area of communications. she eventually became editor-in-chief, which meant she oversaw the publication,c reviewed lots of technical papers produced by the scientific staff and assertive in charge of the outwardly said the agency to the public. in the mid-1940s, carson had an idea for an ambitious series of booklets, pamphlets called conservation inaction. there's seven or eight of these and all and each of them deals with one of the newly established federal wildlife refugees, which needed to be explained to the public. the fish and wildlife service wanted everyone to understand why they're taking the land and setting it aside as refugees and in some places this is controversial. sportsmen are not used to having the government step in and scooped up what they were used to hunting and fishing on. so part of the mission was to explain the rationale for these refugees. one of these booklet was devoted not to a specific refuge, but the subject of conser
, there were more than 200 people as part of the aquatic park neighbors. we sat around and said whose name goes on the c-e-q-a review? the reason we had to file that c-e-q-a review is because the process upstream wasn't performed correctly. what we found as a result of the review was that the developer, in order to obtain a demolition permit, had misrepresented, i.e., lied on his applications about the age of the building, about its historical significance. thankfully, because of the review, there was the revelation that this in fact was property in a historic, prospective historic neighborhood, contiguous historic neighborhood block 26. we found that the person who had built the house and lived in the house had a direct historic recognition which is part of c-e-q-a. c-e-q-a recognizes historic contexts. because he was the reservoir keeper which is a block away. we also found out that the -- so, basically, the point of that is that if it weren't forsee qua in that case 869 would not have been -- it would have been demolished. it's an a forwardable house. a family is living there now. it was abu
outdoor adventures, aquatics, and programs for children on the optimism -- autism ing please call the role. >> director bridget. >> brinkman? >> present. >> director heinicke is anticipated. director lee? >> present. >> director nolan? present. rib key present. mr. chairman, directors, you have a quorum. announcement of produce sound producing devices during the meeting please be advised the ringing of cell phones, pagers and other similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off in the meeting may be asked to leave the room. and please know that cell phones that are put on the vibrate position do cause microphone interference so the board respectfully request they be placed in the off tion position. full approval of the minutes of november 20, 2012 regular meeting. >> motion. >> second. >> all in favor say aye? >> aye. >> so ordered. >> item 5, communications. >> okay. ms. boomer, on this one, members of the board, because there are two issues today there are not going to be a whole lot of people. what i'd like to do is to
to show you, a massive shark tank goes burst. yeah the aquatic life spilling out and the aftermath. we are there in a bit. >> repor strike looming at the port of baltimore and ports along the east coast. why thousands of longshoremen could walk off the job this weekend and what it could mean for our economy. >> linda so looking cold downtown. we have temperatures in the 30s. how about 600 miles to the south in west that's a snowstorm for tomorrow. details coming up. >> reporter: my 69 -- mike, 695 is nice and clear. i will let you know what traffic looks like on 95 and 83. all coming up on good morning maryland. >>> good friday morning. this is your abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. meteorologist mike mat co changes could be on the way but not right now. >> look at how beautiful this is chesapeake beach. man it's chilly. the airport 33 degrees and westerly wind at about 3. so that's making the temperatures feel like they are in the 20s. it's 3 # elders-- 32 eldersburg. baltimore city at 39. winter weather advisory towards northern harford county and cecil cou
aquatic center. >> right. melissa: cut down on staff and people liked it better. you attacked fixed costs in health care and energy cost. that is problem a lot of communities have. how did you do that. >> right. what we did we realized revenues were decreasing. property taxes were going down in the area and sales taxes were decreasing. you can't increase revenue without increasing taxes and that is not very popular. we decided to attack our fixed costs which include health care. we did something miraculous. we actually involved our personnel. we actually, incentivized them by staying in shape, by staying fit. they can take a test. if they pass it, depending where they are on the level, they can get up to $250 a month to go toward their health care costs. >> that's freight. >> what we found that saved us $1.5 million annually. bid out our energy c. like sending out our energy contract to make sure it was competitive and got bids on it. that saved us $18 million. melissa: that's amazing. i don't want to rush should but i don't want to run out of time without giving the federal government so
. whether that would have happened had she signed on as the aquatic biologist and then tried to do lab work benchwork as one of the agencies is a a little less than certain. times were definitely different. nowhere in the written record does carson ever complain about this. she never ever uttered a single word about feeling that she wasn't given credit for something because she was a woman. and in fact she capitalized on the fact that when books about the ocean were being published critics and reviewers often remarked about how surprising it was how a woman would know about complicated things like oceanography and that a woman had actually gone out on a ship or put on a helmet and went under the water and looked at fish. this was sometimes overstated. she was much better in the library and better communicate with experts who would advisor on things but she always allow this stand that she was an intrepid voyager when in fact she wasn't. and that kind of like that because she sort of turned the tables on the people who said wow, can you believe the little woman like that? she used that to he
're not in session and i made aquation they need to be in session working this thing out -- a comment they need to be in session working this thing out. >> reporter: the president and congress still have 25 days to reach a deal, the wish of many here this holiday season. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >>> moving to the hill now republican senator jim demint is retiring. he's leaving the senate the beginning of january to become the next president of the heritage foundation. the conservative think tank is located in washington. senator demint is a well known advocate for the middle class and has publicly challenged obamacare and the wall street bailouts. demint's replacement in the senate will be selected by republican south carolina governor nikki haley. >>> hockey fans packed the verizon center tonight but not to cheer on the caps. the hershey bears took on the norfolk ad miles and area business owners are thrill -- admirals and area business orthopedics are just thrilled to see sports -- owners are just thrilled to see sports fans down there again. >> reporter: the verizon center has transformed
. ñsxóxgñ . >>> good morning. a live look over berkeley and the aquatic area. we have rainy conditions outside. >> and we are following developing news out of florida where two people have died after a bus hit an overpass at miami international airport. three are in critical condition. officials say the bus was going about 20 miles an hour when it clipped the roof entrance at the area this morning. buss and large selects are supposed to enter through the departure area but the driver was not familiar with the area and wasn't even supposed to be at the airport. >> people from all across california are coming together to help the family of an animal control officer shot and killed. a memorial fund has been established for the family. he went to pick up animals at a foreclosed home on wednesday when he was allegedly shot by a 65-year-old joseph francis corey. corey had been evicted. >> there is now a 10,000- dollar reward for whoever shot at a police officer. investigators say the gunman got out of a car and started firing at the officer. the shots hit the patrol car. the officer was n
the water-blocking dikes. from the small but potentially destructive semi aquatic rodents. where they use dikes they're not going to say beaver. >> clever how they did that. >> infer something. >> who put some thought into this? >> stephanie: they're like stop it. >> stop it! >> stephanie: don't put that in the same sentence. >> ann: stop it. >> stephanie: there are is still a lot of unintentional hilarity. there have been no beaver sightings into the capital of amsterdam. you can get a lot of things in amsterdam. surprising you can't get beaver. you can get a block of hash -- >> the size of your face. >> stephanie: beaver expert -- >> another party at your house. >> stephanie: bill dykstra -- assures me it is only a matter of time when people have not had beaver before, they do not know how to cope with when they come. >> oh, really? >> no, no, no. >> stephanie: that's why we need to make sure we're all prepared. the netherlands -- >> for when the beaver comes. >> stephanie: the netherland's famous dikes pr
of those aquatic -- the whales, the dolphins behind you. >> yes those weren't whales or dolphins. >> in the meantime, it's coming on the back of a nice 90-point gain on the dow. thank you. >>> knight capital group's board meeting in hopes of a buyout offer. kate kelly has more at headquarters. kate? >> it is turning more aggressive as they battle for the upper hand. final discussions begin on sunday and getgo will pay $3.60 for as much of the outstanding shares of knight. they would keep knight public. virtue has proposed to pay about $3.20 per share and would privatize the company. if the rank and file and in share terms would have the more attractive offer and as the board gathers to talk further. >> kate, bob pisani is joining us here at the desk for a quick conversation on this. it raises questions about the timeline here. >> i think the problem is, the reason this had is taking so long is it's hard to figure out what getco's finances are and they don't make it public. the board is taking a lot of time to get information about what the fi nnances are so they can figure out th
water that aquatic animals use for the construction of their shells and of their skeletons. some sea creatures absorb calcium carbonate directly from the water. others ingest it through their food and through their bodies, it works tout build their shells. -- it works out to build their shells. but lower concentrations of calcium carbonate is not as available to these species, and it becomes more difficult for them to make their shells. species like oysters, crabs, lobsters, corals, and the plankton that comprise the very base of the oceanic food web. we've seen this happen in real life already with the disaster that befell the pacific northwest oyster hatcheries when acidic water came in and killed off all the juveniles that were being grown. over a billion people on this planet rely on marine protein as their primary source of protein, and then of course there are the countless jobs that depend on fisheries, on tourism, on restaurants, boat building, maintenance, shipping -- the list goes o the presiding office-- the list goes on.the pm maryland, another ocean state. he is clearly
because the storm created such aquatic and habitat upheaval. nance is needed for our fishermen and our fishing communities who depend on this for their livelihoods to get help. so we will be focusing in this bill on new england ground fish, mississippi, that was hit by another hurricane, with their oysters and blue crabs, alaska and its salmon. those who have been affected, the salmon fisheries will benefit prosecute this bill, and also -- will benefit from this bill, and also new york and new jersey. and at the same time we will be providing as soon as legal aid, who through other resources are working with disaster cured merits because there is a -- coordinators because there is a tremendous demand on their services to help them sort out many of the aspects of this, as they seek their benefits, look out for their insurance, just the whole idea of sorting things out when you don't have documents because of when you need it. so we're going to have lawyers on the ground to work with the community. legal aid will be doing this and this'll also be coordinating pro bono lawyers. i'm also p
and some close encounters of the aquatic kind. in fact the humpback whales can be quite curious. sometimes they'll come right up to our boat. we just stop. if they're coming towards us we just stop the boat. and sometimes they're just as curious about us as we are about them so actually that gets pretty exciting. as if on cue today, a humpback does a move called a "spy hop" to take a peek at the awe-struck sightseers.whoaaa! oh gosh seeing the humpback whales so close to the boat was just like indescribeable. it was wonderful. it took us a while to get out there, but when we finally got out there it seemed like everything broke loose and it was real exciting. everyone agrees they really did have -- what else? -- a whale of a good time. coming up, after that adventure at sea, you'll need a little wine country pampering.you're wrapped in hot steeping wine soaked towels. and later...they get part of the dream, part of the hopes, part of the stoke.the stoke of surfing and making wine, poured into one bottle. and if you're on facebook, join our fan page at facebook.com/inwinecountry. see you
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